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Manual V’s Automatic

There are several different factors that will help you decide if you should learn to drive an automatic or manual vehicle including personal choice and what cars are readily available for you to practice in. If you pass a manual driving test, you have the freedom to choose to drive either manual or automatic vehicles.

When you learn to drive a manual vehicle you learn to become more in tune with the vehicles balance, control and flow which gives you a better understanding of driving and how your car works.

Manual – The Pro's

 -    Once you get your manual drivers licence, you have a choice to drive either a manual or automatic vehicle. You never know when having a manual drivers license might come in handy (driving other vehicles which aren't your own, job requirements, emergency situations and having more options when purchasing a vehicle.)

 -    You can control the performance of the car more easily

 -    You learn to become more in tune with your vehicle, how it runs and gain more skills

 -    Manual vehicles are usually cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and cheaper to fix. Manual vehicles rev at a lower rate than automatics and are generally more fuel efficient

 -    They are more fun to drive than automatics

The Con's 

 -    A manual car can be hard work if you drive regularly in heavy stop / start traffic for long periods of time

 -    Learning to drive a manual can be more costly if you don't have use of a manual vehicle to practice in

 -    It can take longer to master learning to drive a manual than an automatic vehicle 

Automatic – The Pro's

 -    An automatic makes heavy traffic driving easier

 -    Easier and generally quicker to learn to drive

The Con's

 -    Can only drive an automatic vehicle for the first 12 months.

 -    Less fuel-efficient than a manual. As mentioned above, the rev rate of an automatic car is generally higher than a manual, meaning that more fuel is used

 -    Autos can be out of sync with the needs of the road. Often autos choose a gear that is not exactly what you need. Although some models do allow override, this can still be in between where you need it, and can be annoying. Manuals allow you to have complete control over your revs

 -    If you are a more experienced driver, or like to drive for fun, autos can be boring. They can also have a much slower take off than manuals

 -    Automatic vehicles cost more to buy, run and fix

 -    Learning to drive an automatic can be more costly if you don't have use of an automatic vehicle to practice in

With all the facts, assess your situation and what transmission works best for you. Keep in mind that learning to drive a manual vehicle gives you more options for the long term.

You can always upgrade your skills at any time in the future if you wish to transition to Manual.